Reduce your risk - Be sun smart

We don’t want to nag, but suncream really is your friend! Even if you don’t burn easily, it’s really important to wear suncream when you’re out in the sun. We know no one likes looking shiny and streaky. But it’s better than the alternatives – skin cancer, or looking way older and wrinklier than you actually are! And don’t forget to put it everywhere that’ll be exposed to the sun – even your feet.

The NHS has lots of advice about staying safe in the sun, including what to look for when buying suncream to make sure you get the best protection.

Make like a movie star, and invest in a huge, floppy hat and some big shades. Whether you’re in Ibiza or Scarbados, you’ll be safe from the sun and looking fab!

There’s nothing worse than a dodgy fake tan, but there are heaps of great self-tanning products out there now. So it’s easier than ever to give yourself a streak-free fake tan! Using sunbeds significantly increases your risk of developing skin cancer, so why not give them a miss, and get your glow on at home instead? Or hit up your local salon and let someone else take care of it for you.